Interactive Version: An Early Look

This does NOT represent the level of quality I’m aiming for – it’s just a quick proof of concept – but I thought I’d share with you guys to give you a better idea of what’s to come. If you haven’t already, go download the Unity player plugin so you can see this. Oh, and don’t forget to turn your volume up! Use the mouse to look, and the arrows to move.

Pretty cool huh? It obviously has a long way to go, but I’d love to get your thoughts and feedback. Please comment.

73 Responses to “Interactive Version: An Early Look”

  1. Awesome rendering, although I don’t hear any sound (you said turn your speakers up).

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Did you walk inside?

  3. I got it now, thanks :)

    Simply amazing so far. Can’t wait to hop into an omnimover and get this party started.

  4. Fantastic! I can’t wait to see more. Wonderful job Chris.

  5. Very cool. Got a little tingle as I walked up to each of the viewports in the queue and heard the destination-specific audio. Will those have the moving kaleidoscope effect?

    One option that might be fun is to have a toggle for people to be in the queue? Static or animated — might be nice to see it populated. :)

  6. Wow! For a rough rendering, I’m very impressed and can’t wait to see the rest of it and the fully textured environments. I was also going to walk around the building but then I fell to my death. HA! Seriously, once it is all together, it will be amazing.

  7. I did this as well. Funny thing is, if you do that and look up, it looks like Horizons is floating up into Heaven…

  8. Absolutely wonderful! Long time viewer, first time poster. The memories this is bringing back already are incredible! Thank you for this!

  9. I can almost smell the oranges! Can’t wait to see it all come together!


  10. This is off to a great start and it’s terrific progress. Concept works, and now it’s time for more details, etc. A lot of folks are gonna love this.

  11. Couldn’t have put it better myself :)

  12. AMAZING! The oranges was probably my FAVORITE part! Great job! I got chills when I heard the music, too! :)

  13. Reminds me of walking into work when I had overtime days at Horizons. Nice job, Chris!

    Check out my blog at

  14. I’m familiar with your blog – love that photo :-)

  15. I’m totally, unbelievably and completely impressed. Amazing attention to detail. Just need to bring out my L’Orangescent

  16. Incredible. Heartbreakingly realistic, even at this rough stage. Got to the end of the queue and was crushed that I couldn’t go further!

  17. Have no fear – more will be created and revealed as quickly as I can!

  18. Wow. For someone who hasn’t seen this live since I was a kid, this was incredible. More, please!

  19. Looking very awesome! I never got to experience the actual ride :( so I am very very looking forward to it’s full completion! :)

  20. Man that felt like i was actually there
    and i’ve never been on Horizons
    and thanks for signing my Horizons Petition

    Keep it Up


  21. This is incredible. Keep up the good work. Now we just need to find someone who wants to the original Imagination :)

  22. Pretty cool? Try beyond awesome…I’m getting goosebumps from your project. If you made what you currently have 100% complete and stopped I would still be very happy…just the fact that I can walk through the queue is bringing back fond memories.

  23. one word… SPECTACULAR!

  24. That. Was. AWESOME! What amazing, amazing work!

  25. You’ve got me so excited now! Stellar work — you should be proud. I always wondered where that staff door to the left went — now I know! :)

  26. Thank you so much for bringing back amazing memories! This is stunning. I cannot wait to see the progress made on this project!

  27. OMG finish now…must relive my childhood!

  28. I know – seeing the pavilion in interactive realtime REALLY makes me want to step on the gas. Must… glide… past…. orange… groves…..

  29. Incredible looking already…it does feel like you’re really there and this is just the prelimiary work.

    “If we can dream it, we can do it.”

  30. Too cool! Just don’t forget to add Hoot & Chief to the queue area counting cars.

  31. LOL more like popping out from behind undersea rocks…

  32. Great work so far!
    On another note, are you familiar with the 3D EPCOT Center project from Deepwater Studios? It looks like it’s been abandoned, but maybe the author will let you use low-res versions of his models to create a background for your exterior. Why reinvent the wheel, right?

  33. I’ve thought the same thing – but unfortunately, DWS is totally defunct and Tocpe is AWOL. I have no idea what happened to him or why the project stopped so abruptly. Would love to get in touch, but so far, all attempts have failed.

  34. WOW! This put me in a truly nostalgic mood; also made me a bit emotional…

  35. That is one hell of a compliment – but it also means I’m doing my job right. We’re all here because we had an emotion connection to this attraction. If I’m able to recapture even a fraction of that feeling, only then have I truly succeeded.

  36. BEYOND stoked. Really cool stuff.

  37. Absolutely amazing; Really, there are no words. This is simply an outstanding job (and this is the *rough* version!!!).

    The memories come flooding back, like elements of the queue I’d forgotten. My only complaint is one you cannot fix; The overwhelming longing I have to see the real thing again, then realizing the inferior attraction we got instead…

  38. Yep – I can’t help you there. But I WILL say that my next project will almost certainly be to design a Horizons 2.0 attraction to be experienced in a similar fashion. Who knows – if this site becomes really popular, perhaps the powers that be will take notice.

  39. We could only hope so, I think that you have created a nice little niche for yourself, I am sure that the powers that be already know about your little project and are curious to see where it goes (wink)

  40. Nicely done! I had to view it on my wife’s laptop as I spent a VERY frustrating 5 minutes on my own trying to get the unity web player to download…still haven’t managed it. Anyway, well worth it, and can’t wait to see the fully rendered version. Nice to be able to explore the wheelchair ramp, too, even without any detail.

  41. Sorry to hear you had trouble with Unity, but glad to hear it worked out in the end. Yeah – wheelchair ramp is cool, but I of course have very little reference for this area. (Although Mesa Verde Times has provided me with some very useful imagery for this area specifically). One thing that I have no idea about: How the door at the very bottom of the wheelchair ramp (right near the loading area) actually looked. So if anyone has a photo….

  42. Chris,

    In the end I got it working on my laptop after a simple Control Panel > Uninstall, and then reinstall. Not sure why it balked the first time, but I’m supremely glad it’s working now!

    It’s really amazing to walk through what’s there so far. What’s strange is that in my memory it seemed larger somehow.

    Looking forward to more.


  43. Thank you, thank you, thank you! What a wonderful project — and such fantastic work. I can’t tell you how excited I am to see how it goes. It is really true that even this small bit of Horizons brings back warm, wonderful memories.

    Are you planning to put the “If we can dream it, we can do it” motto on the wall when you first come in? I can’t remember if it had been there since opening, or if it appeared midway through life. I do remember that it had the GE logo for a while, and then, of course, lost it when the sponsorship ended.

    Speaking of GE, if you ever plan to add the GE lounge to the model, feel free to contact me for vague and unhelpful memories of my one and only visit there. :)

    I look forward to your progress — let us know if we in the community can help!

  44. I do indeed plan on adding the IWCDIWCDI motto to the entrance, along with all the original GE sponsorship stuff. As far as the VIP lounge goes, I wasn’t planing on building it because of my utter lack of reference photos. However, if I were able to procure such photos….

  45. I forgot to mention that the WASD keys also work in place of the arrow keys.

  46. Thank you so much for this, Chris. I just sent the link to my bro-in-law and told him this is the closest I have gotten to riding Horizons in 15 years! Looking forward to your further progress. Great Job!

  47. Consider my appetite whetted! This is fantastic. Thank you, Chris.

  48. Excellent work! Makes me happy & nostalgic!

    If only they would bring it back, but this fills the need!

  49. […] looks like it’s off to a good start, as the project has posted an incredible interactive proof of concept video. After loading the Unity player plugin, viewers can maneuver around the pavilion themselves, […]

  50. This is just amazing. I can’t wait to see more!

  51. I went around back and fell off the earth…and the Horizon’s pavilion soared up in the air like a balloon! Hehe…great work!

    Anyone know if you can get any 3d glasses that will work with this platform (more VR to look around with then a flat 3d tv)? That would give you the sense you were really there.

  52. On the subject of Hoot & Chief… will we be able to jump out of the cars?

  53. WOW!, Terrific job. Can’t wait to see the rest. It’s the closer I’ll ever be to enjoy Horizons… as my 1st trip to the world happened in the year Mission Space was finally opened. Read so much about Horizons, that it will be amazing to finally ride it!!

    I never saw so much truth in the lyrics…. “if you can dream it…..”

  54. “Awesome” and “astounding” don’t even begin to do this justice. I think it’s safe to say that every Horizons fan is in awe and beyond excited that this is happening. Are you taking donations?

  55. Yep – over on the right side bar. But I only have it there because so many people have requested it – I’m not doing this for financial gain in the least. Whatever funds I raise will go towards whatever expenses I’ll incur (like hosting).

  56. Simply amazing! It’s like a stepping back in time and enjoying it all over again, I can’t wait to see more!

    When your complete, let me know.. I’d import the whole thing into Second Life (since we’re moving to wire mesh now) and pay for the land to put it down on!

  57. You are a true carrier of the torch! Thanks for bringing me back to 1980. Keep up the good work.

  58. I cried when I walked in. I admit it. It was my childhood and the 90’s all over again. This is fantastic. KEEP GOING!!!!

  59. Chris,

    From a former Floridian (now-Atlantan) that got to enjoy Horizons many times in his late-teens through 20s let me say Thank You for putting even this much together. I am looking forward to seeing how this comes out.

    By-the-by…any thoughts on doing such a thing for Imagination version 1.0?

  60. I loved it! but stuff like this always makes me sad that it is gone….

  61. Simply amazing. Amazing.

  62. Thank you! And, WOW!!!!!!

  63. VERY impressive! If you’re actually able to follow all the way through on this, it would be a truly amazing accomplishment. Keep it up!

  64. thank you so much. i too got a little emotional watching this. it reminds me of my honeymoon. my wife and i started every day of 8 in epcot at horizons.

  65. LOVE this! Thank you so much for your dedication, and can’t wait to see more. This was one of my favourite original EPCOT rides (I know, I know, it wasn’t there on opening day – it wasn’t open June 1982 when I first visited, so I had to go back September in the hopes that they were doing ‘soft opening’ – and they were!!). As previous posters have mentioned, it embodied the original ethos of the park that distinguished it, and it’s great to have it back.

  66. Freaking. Awesome.

  67. Also, did anyone else notice the secret passageway? What’s that?

    And will we be able to go in the GE Lounge?

  68. If you’re speaking of the passageway back to the left upon entering, I believe this area is (was) for CMs + administrative offices. I can’t remember where the GE lounge was located…maybe back there too (?) I think Chris mentioned he had limited reference photos to do the GE lounge, but would consider it if others had info to contribute.

  69. The GE lounge was inside the big windows in the front. My guess is it had a little coffee maker, a refrigerator, microwave, and a big table for meetings. I can see if I can find pics of Google.

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  72. The spambots are everywhere!
    So cool! Can’t wait to see what part you’re working on next!

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