This might be a little crazy….

…but all of these are readily available technologies, so it’s definitely doable. Just imagine these things combined with one another:

3D video card and glasses:

Wii remote and IR blaster mounted on the glasses for head tracking (so that the perspective changes depending on where you’re looking):

Curved rear-projection hemisphere (mini-imax screen):

And of course, the coup de gras, an authentic Horizons ride vehicle:

Do you see where I’m going with this? At first glance it seems a little “blue sky,” but thinking it through, I don’t really see any barrier to making a fully immersive 3D simulation of Horizons. The only down-side of course would be that it could only be experienced in person, one rider at a time.

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  1. This sounds like a great way to fill up some of that empty Innoventions real estate.

  2. Buy it.

  3. @David: Exactly. For a fraction of the cost of building a whole new Pavilion, WDI could install a dozen or so stations like this for an EPCOT Past exhibit, which shows all of the big former attractions in their glory. Even if you have an upcharge to account for the limited capacity, it would do wonders for connecting Epcot to EPCOT.

  4. drool…

  5. Is there any chance of getting the UNITY player / some other middleware to work with the head tracking software and 3d glasses? I’d take 2 out of 4.

  6. I can totally see where it’s going. In fact, these technologies put together will work wonders in bringing back long-gone attractions back to their former glory. Perhaps, perhaps if it can work with bringing back Horizons, then it could work with a few other long lost attractions too.

  7. Something like this has been done to a degree, except to compare apples to apples, you’d have to have the ride car on a track, and you’d actually be positioned in a warehouse in the same spot based on coordinates of the virtual world.

    Here is a link to more information on their project, using Unity.

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