Simulation Version 8

A new version of the ride simulation has been posted that has the actual interior architecture much more fleshed out (as opposed to just a giant empty shell) – all generated from the actual blueprints. I’ve got some kinks to work out in the ride track, so for the time being you’ll just have to walk around escape/exit catwalk. Also, those who’ve experienced slow frame-rates, this should offer you a much more optimized experience.

Launch Simulation ver. 8

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  1. Fantastic! It’s really starting to take shape – nice job Chris!

  2. Without the cars it sort of gives you that “Hoot and Chief” feeling. Are all those passages real representations of what used to be there? It’s interesting to see where they all connect. Keep up the good work – thanks for the updates.

  3. Very cool, but it takes several minutes to load. :/

  4. Amazing. What a labyrinth. How did they design this thing without computers?

  5. Smooth as butter on my i7 laptop. Looks great, truly amazing how complicated it is back there.

  6. Managed to work my way through it to the end. Was half expecting to see the blinding GE logo at the end. Fell off the emergency walkway a couple of times. I could still place each scene, even though it’s been 15 years. At least it lives on in your simulation!

    Keep up the good work.

  7. Every time I try any of the recent versions I only get blackness when I go inside the building. The very early simulation when the interior only had the few posters and the cars to nothing loaded okay, but now I get nothing no matter what browser I use or how long I wait in the darkness.

  8. Again…holy crow. You keep hitting these amazing homeruns.

    I myself had no trouble with any aspect of the simulator. I could totally picture the scenes…especially the “beach boy”! Was there some kind of wall to prevent exiting guests from seeing the load platform…?

    You know what we’re all going to clamor for once this is complete, right?


  9. You are doind a great job! I am looking forward to seeing the final product. I have two suggestions…do with them what you want :)

    1. Perhaps change the angle of spaceship earth in the background. Right now you can see that it is just a billboard. Probably insignificant, but it would really add to the immersion. I do like that you can see the reflection in the background. :)

    2. I was wondering if you plan on adding some people in the exterior area. Perhaps images of families walking towards the entrance. May look too static though…just a thought.

    Anyway, keep up the amazing work :)

  10. Great job, keep it up!

  11. You rock, thank you so much for doing this : )

  12. Amazing. Makes me want to walk around EPCOT also.

  13. Don’t forget to include all the backstage areas we saw on MVT – even the big sterile stairwell and the CM hallways it leads to!

  14. I just “walked” through your simulation. I was amazed by the number of passageways and back rooms I found. Do you have any information about what those rooms were used for?

  15. how about a Virtual Chief, waiting in the line area lol.. when you pass him, he could be like, “Waiting for the gap”.. or, “Our hell wait” lol..

    5* work!

  16. Looks awesome! Keep up the great work. I can’t wait to see more.

  17. Wow, this is really incredible!!!

  18. This might be fun to use with HR…a little on the expensive side though at $800.

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